Print Clean & Concise Invoices

Accurate, detailed, and up to date information is what you'll get when you generate a materials invoice with the MIS program. All the manufacturer pricing is continually updated, assuring you of pricing information that is easy to understand and can be trusted for accuracy.

Fast & Efficient

Not only is it easy to create an accurate and detailed invoice, it's also extremely fast and efficient. Once you've written your estimate, a few mouse clicks will produce a complete itemized list of all the materials required to do the job.

You Control Your Profits

Knowing your costs is the first step in increasing profits. Since the MIS program always uses up-to-date pricing information, you can be secure in knowing your margins are protected.

Vehicle Size

To further augment the accuracy of the MIS program, vehicle size is also factored into the invoice calculations.

Paint Brand Specific

The MIS program provides registered users with the ability to select the specific paint brand used in their shop. Users can select from all the popular paint lines.

Repaired Panels

Experts agree that repaired panels have a unique list of needs when it comes to material requirements. The MIS program addresses this need by automatically calculating the specialized repair materials unique to each job.

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